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The first and original singer of the song Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond is a 1960 song written by Harlan Howard. This song recorded by American country music singer Buck Owens.

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The first and original singer of the song Above and Beyond is Buck Owens. Released in 1960 as a single, Owens' rendition reached No. 3 on the Billboard country singles charts that year. This song was his third single.

This song has also been recorded and covered by other singers, such as Wynn Stewart, Rodney Crowell, Rhonda Vincent and Daryle Singletary.

Wynn Stewart recorded the song Above and Beyond in 1990 and this is the title track of the 3rd album from a total of 13 albums

In 1989, Rodney Crowell recorded a cover version on his album Diamonds & Dirt. This cover, released with "She Loves the Jerk" on the B-side, charted at No. 1 on the country chart in late 1989. It was the fifth consecutive No. 1 hit from the album, this album is the fifth and the last album No. 1 for Rodney Crowell.

In 2017, the song was also covered by Daryle Singletary and Rhonda Vincent for their duet album American Grandstand.

Above and Beyond

Single By
Buck Owens
From the Album
Released On
Recorded By
Buck Owens
Song Writers
Harlan Howard
Song Producers
Ken Nelson
Song Durations
2:27 Minutes
A good singer uses words to tell a story through both words and emotion, his ability to get his message across in an emotional fashion is art!

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